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Simple, cloud-based billing software

that's saving you time & money
for your dental lab Dashboard
Invoicit is a 3rd party Web App built around almighty exocad, designed to generate lightning-fast invoices, starting from your job definition in DentalDB. Just upload the .dentalProject files and forget about the hassle.


Semi-automatic case entering, simply arranged in a user-friendly Dashboard that keeps track of all your jobs in one place

Delivery Note

Create and send delivery notes in a matter of minutes

Conformity Certificate

All client details are stored and easy to access - materials, manufacturers, references - they’re all at a click’s distance.


Your invoices are visually represented through easy-to-read graphs.

Translate DIY

A proper translation needs language localization. Invoicit enables you to translate all your documents according to your location.


Easily digestible graphs for your activity and financial rentability

Clients Rentability

Keep a reliable history of your clients’ remake requests

Drag and drop or Browse

Upload your .dentalProject in just a few seconds

User Account

Gives access to your team to upload exocad projects. Users will not have access to customer data or financial activity.

Client List

All your clients in one list. Easy access to all your working history, visual reports and financial information

Demo Mode

Try it for free! Invoicit is now available in DEMO mode, so you can easily get accustomed to the simple and intuitive process.

How Invoicit Works

Our cloud-based billing software has an efficient workflow, and is exceptionally easy to use.

Designed to generate essential lab documents such as Delivery Note, Conformity Document and Invoices, starting from your job definition in exocad DentalDB, by uploading the .dentalProject file. The smart algorithm behind Invoicit will automatically detect your client and his patient name, the restoration type and the material you have declared. Add a price for those combinations and generate fully customizable lab documents, in the blink of an eye.


Projects are clearly displayed in Dashboard, from where you can easily edit, add or delete items, you can consult individual financial reports for each client or general ones for the entire lab, and create your contact list, based on the information received from the exocad. The entire process takes a few seconds. Everything is optimized and ready to create the fastest billing solution for your dental laboratory.

Of course... you can manually add treatments and materials that are not present in exocad. The possibility of combinations is unlimited.

You don’t have exocad? Use it manually to introduce data by yourself. Even in manual mode, Invoicit is lightning-fast.

Benefits of Using Invoicit

  1. Save time
    Turn manual labor at the end of a long working day into mere minutes of fast, efficient billing for your customers.
  2. Secure your data
    All information is encrypted, stored on HDS and ISO 27001 certified servers.
  3. Zero paper consumed
    Your money is 100% safe and we’re saving the planet in the process. Send all the documents to your clients, directly via email.
  4. Customer support
    Ready to help you, always - find answers to your questions on our Facebook Group or on our dedicated Help Page.
  5. Periodic Updates
    We’re regularly publishing updates, including new features, enhancements or software corrections, to give you the best experience and security.
FREE 30 days of Demo Mode, to PLAY AROUND and understand the workflow.
After that, you'll have an additional 60 FREE days, all functions included.
NO credit card needed.
€35 / month
Or €350 / year (save €70)
*Price includes VAT

Hosted by Microsoft Azure

The first major cloud provider capable of meeting the strict standards of storing and processing health data. It ensures that your health data is always protected, reliable and sustainable.
Storing the patient name raises a privacy concern and you are using it at your own risk. Invoicit assumes no responsibility on the resulting privacy breach.